Ne'er do Wells

by Suncapades

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pre-release. for friends, fans and everyone.


released October 8, 2014

written and Produced by Tim Fisher



all rights reserved


Suncapades Toronto, Ontario

Suncapades; a once 4-piece indie rock band, remains the ongoing music project of Toronto songwriter/producer; Tim Fisher
With leanings into post rock and pop. Fisher madly writes and records in his home studio and has amassed a great deal of material in a short time.
Everything Darker, a 13 song album is the result of a year long creative endeavor of writing, improvising, recording and mixing.
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Track Name: Sacagawea
What you do now baby?
get your number for free
What the Navajo do?
send me out gather wood

you come out
I go in
like a slow Jamboree
While the birds understood
set me up cornerstone

Put your mind right at ease
We are not sure what is. hmm
Caught a rabbit real good
send me up in the smoke

You come out
I go in
You've got such supple skin
What the forest would say
Send me out not this way
Track Name: Face on Mars
Mission stand by for orders
we still nees the pictures to sell it
caught up on our Mellow
even know the words

Mark my words Donatello
You'll never meet a finer fellow
Like Iago to your Othello
Doesn't mind at all

By our own admission
We're the set the snares that you tripped in
Fill the form out for Submission
See the face on Mars

Hey there won't you come on down
Be my Ally
Say it with a touring band
Oh Samsara
I'll see you in another life

You sounded off
so I sounded off
You stole the show
thought we wouldn't know
so we switched you off
and we threw you out
yeah we chucked you out

We should stand together
on the piece of Earth that is left here
Fan our farewell message
Send it to your Mum.

I would rather shake your hand
than be your Axis
We'll the clothes that make the man
Oh Consuela

I'll see you in another life
Track Name: King Lion
Only for an hour
mind your Princess power
find an open casket
climb the fuck inside it.

When you Roar
you better beleive
for time spent
on the scene
Energy on
point it at me
Dust in your eyes

When I'm old and tired
With my soul on fire
I'm the one Soothsayer
King Lion Betrayed

When you Roar you better beleive
for time spent on the scene
Energy on Point it at me
Dust in your eyes

Mind your Princess power
only for an hour
Once it's out, Remember
I'm the one who warned you
Track Name: seems like forever
Five steps forward and ten to the right
for treasure
seems like forever

Endless summer rainy nights
have been better
when we're together Huh?
and we never will

I realize this is all a dream
a wild endeavor
Spend it together

As it all hangs on a word
and I criticize my ride
Is it in my Constitution
I gotta raise financial ruin
I don't want to set you free
I don't want us in history
I could see see what you waited for
Lurking around my back room door
Lurking around my back room door

It's no better
seems like forever
I don't like this road we're on
now more than ever
seems like forever
I remember it all
has my situation changed